Korea Green Promotion Agency

Korea Green Promotion Agency, Establishment of Overseas Forest Management Headquarters as a Special Institution to promote Overseas Forest Management


CARBON OFFSET fund?carbon offset fund?

Desertification, one of the greatest environmental challenges, is exacerbated by climate change just as climate change is exacerbated by desertification,...

Green fund?Green fund?

Green Fund is a share of Lottery's proceeds. As the National Assembly Environmental Forum announced " a plan for the environmentally friendly development of water ...


Korea Green Promotion Agency(KGPA) is a public institution with the objectives of improving forest environment function for good life quality and developing overseas forest ...

Domestic ManagementDomestic Management

  • Urban Forestation
  • Green Culture & Education

Overseas Forest ManagementOverseas Forest Management

  • Resources Development
  • Climate Change
  • International Coorporation